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May 13 04 2:59 PM

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khi đ c 1 acc th ban sẽ lam g nhỉ chắc chắn bạn phải kiểm tra coi n c cn k chứ g ! langtucodon/57.gif vậy th hy vo đy..........
---1 số link check cvv2 v cc sưu tầm được : (check bằng 2CO) (check MASTER,VISA,AMEX)
---check CVN:

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#1 [url]

May 13 04 3:43 PM

đy ni như vậy m k đưa cho "b con" kiểm tra th thật l ......
First Name : JARROD
Last Name : PILON
Address : 45 HUNTER POINT RD
City/State/Zip Code : POMONA / CA / 91766
Country : United States
Phone : 9095153368
CARD NUMBER / CVV2 : 4066721007679768 / 959
EXP DATE : 6/2005

First Name : APRIL
Last Name : KANTZ
Address : 1130 HOGAN STREET
City/State/Zip Code : PORTSMOUTH / OH / 45662
Country : United States
Phone : 7403527642
CARD NUMBER / CVV2 : 5178950000748476 / 587
EXP DATE : 2/2006

First Name : ELISABETH
Last Name : HAMMACK
Address : 410 N. CHERRY STREET
City/State/Zip Code : MAGNOLIA / MS / 39652
Country : United States
Phone : 601-783-6251
CARD NUMBER / CVV2 : 5323512919302334 / 051
EXP DATE : 2/2005
'Card Type: VisaCard /Number: 4800 1206 9886 4717 CVV2: 703 /Name on card: Christy Escobar /Exp: 10-2004 /Fistname: Christy /Lastname: Escobar /Address1: 308 Torrey Point Ct. /Address2: /Country: Las Vegas-NV-89145- /Phone: (702) 457-9099 /ID:93468849/Date: 4/19/2004 '

'Card Type: MasterCard /Number: 5446020002451796 CVV2: 821 /Name on card: Aaron Dunphy /Exp: 06-2005 /Fistname: Aaron /Lastname: Dunphy /Address1: 154 Mercier Ave /Address2: /Country: Bristol-CT-06010- /Phone: 860 589 7457 /ID:93468847/Date: 4/19/2004
'4511960003181012/Visa/7/2004CVV:218/Anna Lisa/Sangka/Kota Wisata, Pesona Madrid Blok F3/22/Cibubur/OT/16965/Indonesia/+62 811102275' overflowed an int column. Maximum integer
19383 nvarchar value '5434601089520688/MC/6/2004CVV:326/sahima/Qamar/18 lawrence drive/Bradford/OT/BD7 4PF/United Kingdom/07780555135'

'4417128607173299/Visa/10/2005CVV:287/Pedro/Martinez/3614 Saint Johns Lane/Ellicott City/MD/21042/USA/410-480-3489' overflowed an int column. Maximum integer value exceeded.
19386 nvarchar value
'4128003746911737/Visa/1/2006CVV:945/Ellen/Scott/816 C Street, NE/washington/DC/20002/USA/202-752-4094' overflowed an int column. Maximum integer value exceeded. 19387 nvarchar value '4266513006179926/Visa/12/2005CVV:958/Charles/Carlin/48 Sloop Road/Shermans Dale/PA/17090-8876/USA/71-582-8534' overflowed an int column. Maximum integer value exceeded. 19388 nvarchar value
'4020980000438714/Visa/1/2005CVV:169/Brian/Curtis/4 leslie Road/Framingham/MA/01702-5934/USA/6179089000' overflowed an int column. Maximum integer value exceeded. 19389 nvarchar value '4552997511287659/Visa/8/2005CVV:517/Mary/Murray/23 Edmonstone Avenue, Danderhall/Dalkeith/OT/EH22 1QH/United Kingdom/013 523 2523' overflowed an int column. Maximum integer
19391 nvarchar value
'4489031040000868/Visa/4/2006CVV:644/amelia/schlak/405 waverly drive/augusta/GA/30909/USA/706-729-0580' overflowed an int column. Maximum integer value exceeded. 19392 nvarchar value '4356190028277508/Visa/2/2008CVV:975/Sharon/Ambwere/2730 pleasantdale rd # 102/vienna/VA/22180/USA/202-276-2097' overflowed an int column. Maximum integer value exceeded.
19393 nvarchar value
'4152110000752019/Visa/2/2006CVV:693/Marva/Gallardo/Belmopan , Belize Distict, Belize Central America/P.O Box 256/OT/00000/Belize/501 600 0321 '4432644016368370/Visa/2/2006CVV:014/Lisa/Tiggs/4635 SandMark Walk - Apt 5/St. Louis/MO/63121/USA/314-385-3104' overflowed an int column. Maximum integer value
19396 nvarchar value
'4254366611264011/Visa/7/2005CVV:626/Carol/Simeton/4391 N.W. 19th St. #485/Lauderhill/FL/33313/USA/# 954-732-1144' overflowed an int column. Maximum integer value exceeded.
19398 nvarchar value '4388544039588448/Visa/11/2006CVV:062/ERIC/BUECHELMAIER/12672 CORMORANT COVE LANE/JACKSONVILLE/FL/32223/USA/904-880-0951' overflowed an int column. Maximum integer value exceeded. 19399 nvarchar value

First Name : TARA
Last Name : PARTLOW
City/State/Zip Code : ELDERSBURG / MD / 21784
Country : United States
Phone : 410-559-0199
CARD NUMBER / CVV2 : 5466632012372047 / 459
EXP DATE : 2/2006

First Name : TONIA
Last Name : BURNETTE
Address : 101 WEST JACKSON
City/State/Zip Code : RIVERTON / WY / 82501
Country : United States
Phone : 307-856-9064
CARD NUMBER / CVV2 : 5422702028658847 / 985
EXP DATE : 11/2006

First Name : CHERYL
Address : 110 WOODARD LANE
City/State/Zip Code : FOLSOM / CA/ 95630
Country : United States
Phone : 916-351-0624
CARD NUMBER / CVV2 : 4425730000203910 / 327
EXP DATE : 7/2006

Vừa Mua xong ny :

Congratulations, your Hosting w/ eCommerce
account from has been successfully enabled.
Here are instructions on how to get started and some tips
to help you get the most out of your new account.

1. Changing your IP address to point to your Hosting account.

Before your new Web site can be seen on the Internet, you
will need to change the IP address (sometimes referred to
as the "A Record") of your domain name to point to it.
The new IP is:

If you registered your domain name with, follow
the instructions below to change your IP address:

** NOTE: If your domain name has been registered with someone
other than, you will need to go that company's
IP management system to make the IP setting change. However,
the IP address to which you will need to direct your domain
name will still be

a. Go to

b. Click the "Log In" button near the top right corner of
the screen in the blue navigation bar.

c. Use your account login information to
access your account. (This username and password combination
was created at the time when you registered your domain name.)

d. Once in your account, select the domain
name for which you have ordered hosting from the box on the
top left of the screen and click "Switch Domain."

e. Once the appropriate name has been selected for
management, scroll down the page until you see the "Account
Management" header. The 4th option in this section is
"Change IP (A Record)." Click that link.

f. You will be taken to a page that shows what you current
IP setting is. Click the "Edit IP" button on this page.

g. Change the IP Addresses for both and
* to be and click "yes."

h. Confirm that the settings on the next screen are correct
and click "yes" again.

i. Your domain name will now point to your new Hosting
account within 24 hours. (This delay is standard for any
IP change on the Internet.)

2. Discounted Email address(es) for customers.

If your domain name is registered with, you can
order a 10MB email box for your domain name for only
$9.99 USD/year per mailbox. Our email has a Web interface
and is also POP3 compatible. While logged into Domain Manager
(see above steps a through d) you can obtain an email address
by clicking on "Email Manager" under the "Products and
Services" header. Enter your mailbox name and password. To
receive the special price, redeem the following promotional
code when you make any email order:

Promo Code: hostmail1

** NOTE: This special email offer is only valid for as long
as you maintain your hosting account.

3. Logging into your new hosting account

To manage your Hosting account visit this will take
you to a login screen that asks for your domain name and
password. Here is your username and password:

Domain: %DOAIN
Password: Thng Cảm Phải Dấu !

4. Uploading files to your Hosting account.

You can upload files to your Hosting account using:
- The File Manager that comes with your account.
- Any 3rd party FTP program that you have installed on your
own computer.

The File Manager is a fast way to move, copy, edit or delete one
file at a time. It can also be used to create and remove
directories, change file permissions and upload files from your
local computer to your hosting account.

FTP is the best way to upload a large number of files to your
hosting account at one time. Use the following information to
configure your FTP program:

**NOTE: If you just recently changed your IP address of your
domain name to use the IP address You can use an
alternative Host Name/Address to connect to via

Host Name/Address: Thng Cảm Phải Dấu !
User Name: Thng Cảm Phải Dấu !
Password: Thng Cảm Phải Dấu !

Once you have accessed your hosting account through the FTP
program, open the public folder and upload your files there.

- Your homepage must be called index.htm or index.html.
- Any files that are to be viewed by the public should be
placed in your "public" directory (or a subdirectory of
"public"). If you place files in a directory other than
"public," only you will have access to them.

5. EasyStoreMaker PRO™

EasyStoreMaker Pro is your hosting account's online store
building tool. To access EasyStoreMaker Pro, you must be
logged into your hosting account, see section 3 of this
email for instructions. Once logged in, click on
"E-Commerce" in the upper left part of the page. This will
trigger the list of E-Commerce applications to appear in
the lower left part of the page. Select EasyStoreMaker Pro
from this menu to begin building your online store.

If it is your first time accessing this service, you will
be prompted to install EasyStoreMaker Pro. If you have
already installed EasyStoreMaker, you are required to
upgrade from EasyStoreMaker. Once in EasyStoreMaker Pro,
enter the required information in each of the sections.
Usage of EasyStoreMaker Pro, require you to create
Categories and assign Products to them. You are also
required to obtain/setup a "Payment Gateway" by selecting
a payment gateway of your choice and configuring it by
clicking the "Configuration" link at the bottom left of
the screen. Once on the configuration page, you will need
to enter your Merchant Username and Password. When these
values have been entered and you have checked off the box
to "Enable Credit Card transactions" then you must click
"Apply" to save the settings before moving to the next set
up tab.

If you do not already have a relationship with a payment
gateway or have an online merchant, you will need to set
these up before you can sell your goods online in
real-time. For more information about these accounts or
to sign up, please visit:

6. Account Maintenance

The fees for all hosting accounts that are billed monthly
will be automatically charged to the credit card on file for
your account each month.

Also, to keep your hosting account functioning properly, you
will need to keep your domain name registration current. If
your domain name expires, your hosting account will no longer
be visible on the Internet.

Good luck and thank you for choosing!

If you have any additional questions about your hosting service,
please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Web experts are
available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 888-704-1393.

All services are subject to the terms and conditions of our
current Services Agreement found at||
and our Hosting Services Agreement located at||

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#4 [url]

May 28 04 8:55 PM

hay aa! cam on nha! minh se ho tro phan nao de alm web cua minh
thanks "dungsi"
bua nao co cai nao ngon hon post len nhe!

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#6 [url]

May 29 04 3:54 PM

QUOTE (cavoicon @ May 20 2004, 11:37 PM)
noi' thiet minh` hong~ biet' ACC la` cai' chi chi ca~ nhung minh` biet' ba`con cua~ no' la` CC ha`! hihihihiiiiiiiiii........!!!!!!!!

cau cu nghi acc la 1 loai tai khoan de cac ban co the mua ban tren mang ..VD: ban co the mua 1 host , 1 domain,...dich vu thanh toan tien tren internet day ma ...CAVOICON co the doi VDCUONG 1host hay 1 domain de ho tro trang WEB cua cau

user posted image

user posted image

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#7 [url]

Jun 1 04 5:42 PM

vay ha~ ? co' hoi bat' ngo` day' ! hihihhiiiiii

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